Shenandoah Valley Area of Narcotics Anonymous
Shenandoah Valley Area of Narcotics Anonymous
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Fun, Convenient NA Apps

For Your Android or iPhone Devices

Whether you need a meeting on the go, need to lookup meetings, or just want some fun NA stuff for your smart device, here are some of the Apps that are PURE NA for your recovery.

Android Devices

NA Meetings Search


NA Meeting Search is an application developed to help you locate NA Meetings anywhere around the world. Also bundled with this app are the daily Just For Today meditations. Websites and helplines for your area are also listed.


NA Speakers


The NA speakers app allows you to listen to recovery speakers from Narcotics Anonymous whenever and wherever using simply a wifi or cellular network connection.


Days Clean Tracker


Days Clean Tracker (Perfect companion for NA members) helps you keep track of the days you have been clean. It also shows you the nearest (within 20 miles) Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings based on your default zip code.


iPhone & iOS Devices